A Very Sensitive Princess

549406190_f5f07eb6d2_oThe fairy tale, The Princess and the Pea is a story about sensitivity. A prince is trying to find a wife, but he wants to be sure she’s a real princess. He tests a potential match by hiding a single dried pea under a pile of twenty mattresses and twenty blankets on top of which the princess sleeps. In the morning the princess says she’s black and blue all over. The prince, taking her delicacy as proof of her royalty, asks her to marry him. It’s an encouraging tale for the perceptive and easily affected. Receptiveness often feels more like a curse than a gift. But like most of the traits that define us, being sensitive has its upsides. A finicky stomach is often accompanied by a love of flavor. Moody temperaments frequently pair with deep empathy. Obsessive tendencies often accompany exceptional insight and analysis.

I started cooking out of necessity when my father was sick and mother was working full time and going to night school. I became quite the foodie. Then I developed IBS and had to rethink my entire approach to nutrition and culinary enjoyment.

Princess and Pea is a refuge for sensitivity. It is a place where I plan to explore my passions: fairy tales, food, and beauty. Most of my recipes are gluten free, many are low FODMAP, some are vegan. Welcome!


One thought on “A Very Sensitive Princess

  1. Sorry about your IBS, but then look at the outcome for us! Great writing! Love what you said about reflectiveness.


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