About Me


Once, I was hairstylist. It wasn’t what I dreamed of being, but it was sort of creative and it was a living. I wanted to be writer. I couldn’t stop wanting it. Dreams are stubborn. That’s something I learned from fairy tales, which like my childhood dreams I never outgrew, though I thought I would. I find that fairy tales communicate in ways other stories can’t. They have a lot of space in them. That space feels inviting, providing a place for each reader to inhabit.

Princess and Pea is a space that I hope feels inviting. It is a place I fill with all the things I love and know well. The Princess and the Pea is a story about a girl who looks messy but proves her value through her extreme fragility and receptiveness. This blog is a celebration of responsiveness, playfulness, and vulnerability. I explore the role food plays in our lives, share recipes, talk about emotional recovery, and nerd out about fairy tales. Welcome!