Recent Meals

I love food blogs. Love. I follow a bunch: 101 Cookbooks, Smitten Kitchen, Joy the Baker, A Pastry Affair, Minimalist Baker… But to be honest I rarely use recipes unless it’s a special occasion. Instead I throw together a starch, a protein, some veggies and seasoning  and call it a meal. Since garlic and onions tend to upset my stomach, I usually cook without them, relying on hot peppers, soy sauce and spices for flavor. Here are a few recent things I’ve made in no particular order.

  • a mushroom smothered steak with sauteed spinach made with my boyfriend on a recent date night
  • cauliflower tacos topped with chopped spinach and toasted pepitas
  • fruit sushi made for a party I hosted
  • gluten free chicken ramen with corn, spinach and sweet potatoes

What are your favorite thrown together foods?


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