Choose Your Own Adventure Recipe: Vinaigrette

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Even people who love to cook rarely make their own condiments. Homemade catsup and mayo are amazing, but who has time to make them every time you make a burger or sandwich (especially if you’re wheat free like I am and begin the sandwich making process by baking your own bread)? Salad dressing, on the other hand is something I firmly believe in making myself. Premade dressings are either cheap and full of added sugar, or pricey and kind of gross. A homemade dressing comes together in minutes and is easy to make in very small batches. You can store it for a few days if needed, but one of the best thing about homemade vinaigrettes is that you don’t have to commit to a huge bottle. You can choose a new adventure for every salad. The recipe below makes 2 servings and is easily doubled, or quadrupled if you’re feeding a crowd. Today I chose lemon juice, fresh basil, and mustard. Try it out, and let me know what your favorite flavors are!


(Lemon, mustard and basil pictured above)

Makes 2 servings

3 Tbsp. Oil (Olive, Sesame, Avocado, or Melted Coconut Oil)
1 Tbsp. strong acid (Red Wine, White Wine, Cider, or Sherry Vinegar) OR
2 Tbsp. mild acid (Lemon, Lime or Grapefruit Juice, Rice Wine or Balsamic Vinegar
1 binder (1 clove smashed garlic, 1 Tbsp. tomato paste, 1 egg yolk, 1 Tbsp. cream)
1 tsp. solid flavorings (shallot, fresh herbs, lemon or lime zest, olives, capers) AND/OR
1 Tbsp. liquid flavorings (honey, pureed fresh tomato, orange juice, cranberry juice)
Salt and Pepper to taste

Mix all ingredients thoroughly with a whisk until combined. Add a tsp. of water to thin if desired. Serve immediately over your favorite salad, seafood, or roasted vegetable.


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